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Why Nobody Votes Anymore…

Because all politicians are LIARS! But who Lies more — Republicans or Democrats? Well, it depends.

The amount of people who didn’t vote in the last four elections is staggering, and everyone had their reasons:

* They don’t deserve My Vote!

* They’re not looking out for the little guy anymore.

* They don’t care about me and my issues.

* They’re just in it for the money, so why bother?

But there is a difference! Republicans “blindly” support their candidate regardless of the issues… With the Electoral Vote acting as the deciding factor, I can see some who didn’t vote for their party, and how that can also forfeit their ballot altogether.

While this may appear to be a hypothetical, the reality is, in 2016 too many Blue States went Red — Suddenly!

I blame it on being disgruntled… Or, you can blame it on charismatic campaign promises made by Trump. Or, you can blame it on people just wanting something different from the “Political Norm.”

The past obstruction in Washington is unreal… Almost unheard of! Those politicians that refused to work with Obama just because he was Black –

They all wanted Him to fail!
They wanted Obamacare to fail!
They wanted everything he touched, or suggested — To fail!

And they sacrificed AMERICA to see it happen. This is why we have an Opioid Crisis in AMERICA! So why are soooo many people Addicted to Drugs? Because they’re trying to Pacify the Pain of Poverty and Job Loss — A Loss Obama was blamed for, but started before He took office!

The catastrophic loss of houses in foreclosure that Banks refused to fix; after their Bailout! A rush-job on the paperwork to save Wall Street that purposely left the average Consumer OUT — Forcing You to lose YOUR Home — With Banks REFUSING to Refinance a deal, any deal, that could’ve saved it. Who do you blame for that?

I can’t imagine paying 27 years on a mortgage, with three-years left to go, and you lose your job. You figure, okay, I’ll get another one. But you’re facing “Age Discrimination,” along with a shortage of jobs because they were outsourced. AND, can’t get another one because those jobs aren’t coming back!!!

At least if you could’ve gotten another job, you could have saved your house, but NO, that would’ve been the bounce-back Americans have grown accustomed to. The resilience to rebound from a downturn as we’ve done so many times before… So again, who do you blame for that?

Eventually, you look to your so-called leaders in Washington, and because they’ve been in D.C. for so long, they’ve forgotten where they came from. They have forgotten that they are there to serve The People, not special interests. That’s Republicans!

They put Party Above People! They put The GOP “Grand Ole Party” belief over servitude they were sworn to protect.

Americans have become “woke” in recent years, especially when they see how the “politics” in Washington have decimated the American Middle-Class, and the American way of life.

Now, factor-in Donald Trump!

He’s a business man, with grand ideas. He touted how “unconventional” he is because he’s Not a politician. He talked about how he’ll “Drain the Swamp!”

In the four years since his election, he’s done the opposite of what he promised:

He filled the Swamp with his Billionaire Friends.

He capped your State And Local Tax deduction, (known as SALT) to $10,000 AND, removed Job Expenses as itemized deductions, made the Middle-Class “owe” the IRS for the first time in years. Where do you think that money goes? To his Rich Friends!

He profits from his hotels by charging $750/per-person on his Security Detail to stay in HIS hotels for protecting HIM. If he’s such a Billionaire, why is he charging the U.S. taxpayer for this?

Oh, and when he said he’ll be working in Washington for “us” he treats the presidency as a 9-to-5 job, going golfing every single weekend, with the exception of the pandemic, which cost US over $130 Million.

Speaking of Pandemic, if he would’ve mandated masks day-one, instead of claiming they infringe on our rights, people wouldn’t be so divided about wearing one — and would’ve saved over 100,000 lives!

Since his own Coronavirus diagnosis and recovery, Trump says to the people:

“Don’t fear COVID19 — Don’t let it dominate your life!”
Suddenly, we’ve seen a spike of Coronavirus infections!

During the week of his hospitalization, the death toll had risen to 210,000 with 2,300 people dying while he was in the hospital. In the three weeks since his release, there are now over 9-million people infected, with another 20,000 dead.

That means, as of November 1, 2020, there are now 231,000 people dead, with 427 deaths in just one day, while other days there have been over 1,000+ dead!

One would think after his one Black friend, Herman Cain died of COVID19 after attending a Trump rally in June, that would’ve been a wake-up call. Instead, Trump still pretends the virus will “disappear” like his many predictions before, only this time wishful thinking won’t make it “Go Away.”

Now he even suggests firing Dr. Fauci — while the crowd at one of his rallies shouts “Fire Fauci, Fire Fauci!” smh…

If you didn’t see ABCs “The Good Doctor” Monday night, I suggest you watch it. While most TV shows are for entertainment purposes only, their simulation of the pandemic is all too realistic. It personally made me cry.

If you really want things to change V.O.T.E. your conscience. And not just to oust Trump.

Mitch McConnell has a lot to do with the manipulation and dysfunction in Washington, as does Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz. That Good Ole Boy network doesn’t care how they’ve hurt the Middle-Class with their policies, or how they’ve demonized “Socialism” as a bad thing!

Medicaid and Medicare are Socialism.
Your FICA for Social Security is Socialism.
And the Affordable Care Act is Socialism.

Remember that when you go into the voting booth tomorrow!

Final Thought:
If Trump wins re-election — The system really is Rigged!

Left-Handed Leftist with idealistic views. I see the world the way it truly is, without rose-colored glasses, and media disinformation. Read between the lines.

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