What Really Happened at Last Tuesday’s Debate!

September 29, 2020 Presidential Debate

The Debate between Donald J. Trump and Joseph R. Biden was “painful” to watch!

It became abundantly clear that Trump didn’t have one, and continually talked over Biden’s response(s).

I’m sure Trump thought, “If I talk over him, I get to dominate the conversation. Therefore, I’m showing strength…”

The Reality: Trump didn’t appear strong.

If anything, He appeared to be a school-yard bully, trying to control the tone and the narrative — Making sure only (He) was heard by drowning out any message Biden tried to get across, which was very hard when you can still hear Trump shouting in the background!

At that point, Biden had to say, “Will you shut-up, man?”
The Bully: “Wow that was a really productive segment.”
Biden quipped: “Keep yapping man.”

That was Trump’s goal all along… For the entire debate, Trump kept interrupting Biden to keep him from being “Productive” and prevented him from getting his message across.

I’m glad Biden decided to face the camera and talk to the American People and ignored Him.

If they were to have a second debate, I can see it happening again — Trump shouting over Biden just to distract him from his message. Even if they cut-off his microphone, I believe we’ll see Trump yelling over Biden in the background, which makes it hard for anyone to be focused on their thoughts when two people are talking at once — Nobody’s heard!

People tuned in because they wanted to hear something positive, something about our future, to hear something that gives us hope, and thoughtful Leadership!

There was None!

WE have No Leadership — No governance. As a matter of fact, Trump left it up to individual states to make their (own) mandates concerning COVID19. This way, he wouldn’t have to take responsibility for any State mishaps.

Allowing each state to make their own decisions didn’t unite us. It didn’t put us all on the same page. It didn’t set the stage for eliminating a virus that’s still dominating our lives — And Yes, the President actually said, “Don’t fear Coronavirus. Don’t let it Dominate your life!”

Easy for him to say, since He receives the best care (our) tax dollars can buy. They’re going to make absolutely sure (he) doesn’t die! Too bad we can’t say the same about Herman Cain, who, after attending Trump’s Tulsa, OK rally, died 30-days later from COVID19.

If (you) have nothing to fear, why does Trump have rally-goers sign a waiver, holding him “harmless” if they catch Coronavirus?

Trump kept interrupting Biden because (He) doesn’t have an agenda of his own. That’s it!

Where’s Trump’s record of accomplishments? He hasn’t made America Great Again, but instead, destroyed it.

So, what message will Trump have at the Next Debate?

Blame Antifa, blame Black Lives Matter, blame Defunding Police, blame Protesters, blame the Rioters and the Looters, who coincidentally, weren’t all Black, or people of color; while pointing the finger at what’s wrong with America.

No, sir… The question was, “What’s YOUR Plan?

Left-Handed Leftist with idealistic views. I see the world the way it truly is, without rose-colored glasses, and media disinformation. Read between the lines.

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