That Reconstruction still exists today. Many people assert that black folks have every equal opportunity available to achieve greatness in America -

The reality, you have to be given actual opportunity to measure success, not just say that it is available to us. It is available only on paper.

When I discuss race in my tweets, I’m accused of race-baiting. I defend myself by insisting, since white people believe racism no longer exists, they still suffer from ostrich syndrome, sticking their head in the sand to dismiss any claims that overt, systemic, or implicit bias still exists.

Maybe if I too, weren’t under-employed because of racism, I wouldn’t have had time to write such a poignant book about my experiences as well as the denial in the face of racism in this millennium.

Society can’t have it both ways you can’t say, ‘oh, black people commit so much crime and they steal things… I don’t want them in my neighborhood because they’ll bring gangs and drugs,’ much like Trump said all Mexicans are rapists and all Muslims are terrorists.

It is this fear that keeps white America from Sharing jobs with black America, only to outsource jobs to a Third-World country that became smart enough to take over our entire IT-information technology jobs for themselves — So worried that minorities were closing in on the wealth gap due to the Internet technology available to us today, that now we are forced into job-skill competition and lower stagnant wages directly because of outsourcing.

Final thought: do you think it’s any coincidence that during the 70s our factories were closed and last-hired, first-fired only affected minorities, only for white folks have the same thing happening to them after 2000, and now they are bitter and angry?

Welcome to my world, where third-generation poverty, anger and bitterness still lingers as a result of limited opportunity.

I chronicled these facts in my e-book ‘red white and poor how outsourcing racially divided America.’

Who do you Blame? Corporate America — with approval by Congress & Free-Enterprise Government for the Rich.

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Left-Handed Leftist with idealistic views. I see the world the way it truly is, without rose-colored glasses, and media disinformation. Read between the lines.

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