Sadly, fake news and propaganda played more of a role in her demise than the truth. I believe she honestly thought People couldn’t be sooo stupid to vote for Trump — myself included.

Not only did I vote for her, I encouraged others to do to the same, only to be told that she is a monster, without offering any real explanation as to why…

As the votes were counted on election night, I felt ill in the pit of my stomach as I saw Trump’s numbers grow steadily in the early a.m. count of November 9th. Apparently, appealing to the lowest form of intelligence was More popular than the truth; that HRC was a true Robin Hood who took from the Rich to aid African victims dying of AIDS. Instead, media thoroughly twisted the facts to make it appear she personally profited from Wall Street speeches, never once mentioning the (Good) she’d done through The Clinton Foundation.

In comparison, the Trump foundation abused money it collected for his own personal gain, yet these facts got swept under the rug.

At the end of the day, I believe the whole political spectrum couldn’t handle the fact that a female might actually become commander-in-chief for the first time in history, and they had to do everything in their power to stop her to maintain the “Good Ole Boy” network!

As the former security aide Sebastian Gorka said, “The alpha male is back!”

Left-Handed Leftist with idealistic views. I see the world the way it truly is, without rose-colored glasses, and media disinformation. Read between the lines.

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