Political Education for Millennials

Politics 101

This article is for the Millennials — Those who don’t understand how Government operating practices shifted from “People” to “Special Interests” to Government Debt!

Here are some highlights:

During the 1960s when the United States was still grappling with Racial Equality, Lyndon B. Johnson continued JFKs legacy by approving laws to protect all minorities/religious groups/classes — Not just Black folks.

Hey, if it weren’t for White folks, Blacks would not have won the rights to freedom, desegregation and equality. Many White people died at the hands of the KKK to protect Equal Rights!

Republican Nixon becomes POTUS and Deregulates the Dollar in 1971 — Supposedly in a move to slow an accelerated economy — Destroyed it by creating hyper-inflation!
Sidebar 1: Hyper-inflation is the rising cost of goods and services that increase faster than wages to purchase said goods-and-services.

This imbalance caused our “Government Deficit.”

What is the Deficit? The Government spends more money than it collects in Revenue, causing negative operating expense.

Let’s back-track just a little bit:

During World War II, increased military spending stimulated the economy through Government Contracts to hire people to work on said contracts. Our Government also issued U.S. Savings Bonds for Americans top buy to support our U.S. economy.

The result: A 1960s Economic Boom!

The 1960s saw the greatest economic growth in our nations’ history — only second to the 1990s. By 1968, the United States suddenly saw the U.S. Dollar depreciate, which is why Nixon deregulated the Gold Standard in 1971, not realizing the ill-effects this would have on our nation.

Sidebar 2: While our county continues to live under the guise without the Gold Standard, inflation and the interest rates on U.S. Debt continue to rise.

Republican Nixon resigns in disgrace (i.e., Watergate) and Vice President Ford tries to save the U.S. economy at poor people’s expense, i.e., Government cutbacks.

We vote for Democrat Jimmy Carter in 1976. There was nothing he could do to save our tanking economy (i.e., double-digit inflation and the OPEC oil crisis); hence, Republican Ronald Reagan becomes president by asking one question: “Are you Better off today than you were four years ago?”

Of course, America wasn’t — And it solidified his election — That, and the Iran-Hostage crisis.

Reagan created the “Trickle Down” theory of economics believing, if we cut taxes on the Rich and Corporations, they will reinvest it into America — Didn’t happen. The deficit rose faster under Reagan than any other President, until Obama (see reason(s) below).

If anything, it created an income-class divide, where the poor and middle-class pay taxes and the rich pay nothing! Nobody complained when Reagan bloated our U.S. Budget to our first one-trillion dollars, where he triples the National Debt.

After 12 years of Reaganomics, America votes for Democrat Clinton.

If you Google his time in office, you’ll see that Clinton presided over the largest economic expansion with Budget Surpluses during his presidency.

Sidebar 3: What is a Budget Surplus? The U.S. Government takes in more income than it spends. Welfare reform and the creation of the Internet put more Americans back to work and less dependency upon Government Social Programs.

He was sooo good a President, that he won a 2nd term despite the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. People didn’t care about Bill Clinton’s (private) sex life, they cared about how he Made America Great Again!

Some say NAFTA — The North American Federal Trade Agreement was bad for America, but the Internet and Technology Boom of the 1990s created a major job-shift from Manufacturing to Information Technology, as we were the highest-paid humans on the planet!

America IS Back!

If you lost a job today, you could get another one by the end of the month, never having to rely on unemployment benefits.

Democrat Al Gore — Clinton’s Vice President, runs against Republican George W. Bush for President at the turn of the Millennium.

Gore loses by a very slim margin — and many asked for a recount, believing the system was “rigged” to keep the Status Quo, i.e., Rich People!

What does Status Quo mean? The people at the very top believe that when the poor and middle-class earn more money, they fear it will affect their Wealth!

Their Brand is “Crisis.”

They force “everyone” to struggle to survive. It separates and creates an elitist group of people who refuse to share their wealth through higher taxation, along with an irrational fear their wealth is being attacked, (i.e., instead of earning five-million from poor-suffering, I’ll only make 2.5 million — Oh, Hell No)!

This is why, throughout the last 30 years, we have created a top 1% earning more than the 99% of EVERYBODY in America!

This is the Republican Way!

George W. Bush didn’t have to “Outsource” Information Technology jobs after 9/11, AND Cut Taxes, but he did.

George W. Bush didn’t have to start a war in Iraq when the Saudi’s were responsible for 9/11, but he did.

George W. Bush didn’t have to waste One-Trillion/year for ever year in office, but he did.

George W. Bush didn’t care about the 17 Benghazi’s under his name, but Democrat Nominee Hillary Clinton is blown out of the water for just Three (3) Benghazi’s as Secretary of State!

When George W. Bush took office, the U.S. Deficit was only Three Trillion when he took office. By January 2009 it was 10-Trillion — Not counting the $1.4 Trillion Wall Street Bank Bailout, and his ties with Halliburton (look it up). This is where it cost the U.S. Treasury an additional Four (4) Trillion in Debt.

What Republicans don’t understand is, it costs our Government “More” in social dependency when we don’t invest in our infrastructure and our future, by outsourcing.

When Obama takes office in 2009, it was Bush’s October 2008 Budget that he inherited. It is the first time we have a negative (-3) GDP — Gross Domestic Product. Without a(n) U.S. Income, this negative three-percent adds another Three-Trillion to the U.S. Deficit. We are hemorrhaging money because all Middle-Class jobs are sent overseas.

George W. Bush didn’t have to insist Corporations Outsource U.S. Jobs overseas but he did.

Bill Gates (Microsoft CEO) didn’t have to go before Congress to insist that we seek out “The Best and the Brightest” but he did!

As a result, we continue to lose jobs until 2013, as the economy slowly beings to rebound.

Besides, we stopped the world from blowing up before Y2K — Where’s that U.S. Talent Now? Unemployed and Struggling!

This is why You can’t get a job after college graduation because of Outsourcing — Nothing more!

It is those, in positions of Power, who thrive on conflict!
This is why Republicans’ brand is “Crisis”

When WWII happened, Americans understood why we were at war — After 1945, War was no longer necessary.

Yet, Republicans will have you believe that War promotes Peace — when it doesn’t. War is a waste of money — And life!

Reagan matched Russia Warhead-for-Warhead, which is how our Deficit rose above the first one-trillion.

We are “Not” the greatest country in their world — They hate us!

This is why we have “Terrorist” regimes who would like nothing more than to see America suffer at their hand.

Republicans want to keep War going instead of acting with Diplomacy. They are the Rich Elite. Instead of extending the olive branch of Peace and spare unnecessary bloodshed caused by unnecessary War, they “Profit” from Conflict!

Again, Their Brand is “Crisis”
I implore you to vote Democrat this November!


I’m giving you a pattern of history that must not be repeated.
We live in dangerous times where Tact and Diplomacy must be exercised.

I’m not trying to persuade you who to vote for in this upcoming election — I just thought you’d like to be informed about past Republican U.S. History for why we need to stick together, remove the hate, remove war, and have someone who’s qualified enough to deal with World Politics with a Firm Hand — without prompting WAR as an act of aggression!

The Future really is,

In your Hands as you will inherit our Future.

Choose Wisely!

Left-Handed Leftist with idealistic views. I see the world the way it truly is, without rose-colored glasses, and media disinformation. Read between the lines.

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