Of course she got paid, just like every other speech orator, but The Clinton Foundation (when compared to Trump) actually gave money to AIDS victims in Africa, and No, she didn’t run a child-sex ring.

Posting it on the Internet somehow made it true… So when does objectivity aid common-sense? Did you see the latest “McDonalds uses Human & Horse meat in their burgers?”

Common sense should tell you this would create a public health crisis, but many (still) believe it to be true.

As writers, I believe we owe it to the public to ensure our opinions are based in real-world reality, not speculation. Hence, if you were confronted to justify the basis for your statement(s) can you fact-check your claims?

Left-Handed Leftist with idealistic views. I see the world the way it truly is, without rose-colored glasses, and media disinformation. Read between the lines.

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