Here’s my response to that since we can’t just “Drive” to Puerto Rico — Or can we? The U.S. Naval Ship Spearhead still makes some heads turn when it pulls into Florida, Key West’s Navy pier.

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Florida’s Key West Navy presence is more in the air than on the sea. But the Navy still has a pier on the island’s waterfront and Navy ships sometimes pull in there.

One occasional visitor gets a lot of attention when it’s in port. It looks like something out of Water World or Mad Max — a giant metal box floating on the water.

It’s actually the U.S. Naval Ship Spearhead.

“It does look a bit like a science project or like a Darth Vader vessel,” said Capt. Steven Stacy, the Spearhead’s mission commander.

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Capt. Steven Stacy shares some of the technical details of the Spearhead in a model. Credit: Mark Hedden

He’s not in charge of the ship’s actual operation because Spearhead is run by military sea lift command, a civilian outfit. It runs the vessel; Stacy is in charge of the missions and the people who execute them.

Spearhead is a catamaran and its purpose is to move a lot of stuff, very quickly.

“It’s got 48,000-horsepower, four engines, Italian beautiful engines,” Stacy said. “We can get up and go.”

It’s also highly maneuverable though it doesn’t have a rudder to steer. The four engines are jet engines.

“We can carry about a million pounds of cargo into this space,” Stacy said. “To put it in simple terms, about 20 homes that are about 2,000 square feet each.”

Nancy Klingener of WLRN contributed to this article which was posted on August 1, 2017.

So, what’s stopping it from providing aid to PR? The Jones Act of 1920!

Despite the incompetency in Washington and as of yesterday, Trump authorizes waiver to loosen shipping regulations for Puerto Rico — eight (8) days after Hurricane Maria, offers little comfort to those suffering without something as basic as clean drinking water!

It is this lack of focus on Puerto Rico, the 51st American State, (and yes, Puerto Rico is an American Island, just like Hawaii), that went largely ignored until now; despite the fact that there are thousands of shipping containers in Puerto Rico’s ports that cannot be unloaded because the roads are impassible.

Why not use “Spearhead” or some other Aircraft Carrier to bring in Bulldozers?

Because that would require “THINKING”

Maybe if Trump focused on disaster Recovery Efforts instead of making NFL Athletes stand during the National Anthem, he’d be a better Disaster Responder!

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