It is a shame to hear a non-politician such as Donald Trump promise to bring Coal back to those who are suffering the most. He has no idea that many workers suffered from black-lung disease that killed them… The Appalacian Coalition devised new Technical training programs to help retrain those who live in Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia & Ohio with computer based training as well as Solar panel installation. The problem is, funding for these programs have been cut, by who — The Trump Administration!

Commentary shows such as “Last Week Tonight,” with John Oliver and “United Shades of America,” with W. Kamau Bell, have highlighted this gross abnormality by an Administration who could give two craps about poor, indigenous coal miners of the region. Those unable to afford Digital cable and/or Internet services; how would they know?

If I didn’t know any better, I would honestly believe when the FCC approved to switch from analog to digital cable that it shut out millions of ill-informed voters who don’t have a clue to the real in the workings of Washington and their Congress.

I highlight everything you are describing in my e-book “Red White and Poor, how outsourcing economically divided America.”

It’s a damn shame poverty grew under the Obama administration, not because he’s a Democrat, but because you have those in Washington so Hell-Bent on making a Black POTUS a failure in making America better than it was after the Bush Jr. administration. They didn’t care about American suffering during and job loss during the Great Recession. (Unfortunately, many have not recovered since 2008).

Remember the Infrastructure Jobs Bill of 2010? Congress voted against it saying it would add to the deficit, not realizing that having unemployed people also adds to the deficit.

Even a good-paying temporary job would’ve been better than having no job at all. Even then, training workers to compete in the technology age of the Internet also could’ve provided more job opportunities, but our Congress voted against that too, those people who gerrymander the districts to keep the GOP in power while allowing the poor and middle-class suffer, is an abomination to the United States of America!

Final Thought:

I’m not sure if you remember in the mid-1970s when double-digit inflation was at its peak and Carter was president… Reagan provoked fear that minorities were stealing white jobs, causing White suffering?What wound up happening in the 80s is the same level of depression, job loss, and addiction to Opioids today as it was to Crack, then.

Today we are all the same, poor.

Left-Handed Leftist with idealistic views. I see the world the way it truly is, without rose-colored glasses, and media disinformation. Read between the lines.

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