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Trump in Alabama last week

On September 22, 2017, Donald J. Trump visited the state of Alabama to campaign for the candidate of his choice, as well as his own 2020 re-election campaign.

Then, he offered his two-cents about NFL Players kneeling, calling Black Athletes, “Sons of Bitches” who should be “Fired.” Instead of being infuriated at his comments, the crowd cheered!

That is NOT a reflection of leadership nor consensus to calm racial tensions. If anything, Trump willingly inflames them!

Other Fox News Sunday contributors said players should be “Grateful” for the millions of dollars they earn; and should be lucky they weren’t “Shot in the Head” while Newt Gingrich asserted, “If you’re a multi-millionaire who feels oppressed, you need a therapist, Not a publicity stunt,” with other news colleagues nodding in agreement…

This subject overshadowed the suffering in Puerto Rico’s devastation, while Trumps trivial response is, “It’s a Really BIG Ocean, surrounded by water…” (see my response to this),

I wonder if Trump could point out Puerto Rico on the World Map… But the more-importation question of the week was, “To kneel or not to kneel”

According to the Media, one of these pictures is okay, while the other is Not.

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Problem is, both pictures are okay… Both are Freedom of Expression. Also notice that the picture on the bottom shows one player with his hand over his heart — While kneeling!

Kneeling [IS] the compromise, and therefore, NOT Disrespectful — If anything, it honors (on bent knee) our fallen soldiers, while highlighting the plight of Mass Murder among People of Color.

It is this demonstration of discontentment which highlights those who are rich enough to be in the public eye that can bring attention to the plight of Mass Genocide in communities containing People Of Color possess the unique opportunity to do so, silently.

Before I continue, I understand confronting White people about Racism is painful — both for the victims and those who are innocent. It is no different than the peaceful (sit-ins) at the Woolworth Lunch counter over 50 years ago. Blacks were “Out-of-Line” then, and “how dare we sit at a “Whites Only” counter not meant only for us?”

So, 50 years later, I am painfully partitioning White folks into four categories;
¼ of Whites embrace the memory of Confederacy
¼ of Whites support ‘All Men Are Created Equal’
¼ of Whites are Disgusted by the Legacy, and
¼ of Whites just Don’t want to talk or hear about it.

It is the last ¼ that make up our Public Broadcast Media. They Denounce the (ridiculousness) of this personal protest on “NFL Field Paid” time.

Even Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin chimed in saying, “If they want to protest, they should do it on their own time…”

Whenever we peacefully protest, it’s NEVER the (Right Time) to bring to light the plight of police brutality. It’s just like racial discrimination, if it’s Not happening to you, you don’t see it as relevant.

The Media endorsement that Racism is okay pretty much started when Obama became president. Despite the fact that they were able to assert that we finally live in a “Post-Racial” world; that, by electing our first Black POTUS, we can finally put Racism behind us… Yet, they criticized and demonized his every move — Every decision was scrutinized under a microscope. White people suddenly felt we had “lost our country to a Minority.” Hence, the “Make America Great Again” resonated with so many who felt let down by Hope & Change, (whole other story).

Today, Media chuckles at Trumps Verbal and Mental mis-steps; his inability to use common-sense as they excuse his “mockery” with a shrug to explain, “He’s still trying to figure it all out…” Except, he’s not president to all American people only a select few.

Everyone else is the enemy, trying to steal your job, when Outsourcing did that right after 9/11, (and it’s NOT Obama’s fault).

Trump said so himself: “I could shoot someone right on 5th Avenue and get away with it,” because he knows, America will Not go against him, and if they do, they’re spreading

If Obama inadvertently did one thing, he provoked a sense of inferiority in White People when he became President and that subconscious fear was so strong that Whites honestly believed that Blacks were taking over. This is (one) of the main reasons why Racism is back with such ferocity.

Case in point:

In case you didn’t get it, the definition of “Putrid” is: Rotten; (of organic matter) decaying or rotting and emitting a fetid (foul) smell.

While Tim Tebow often knelt in the side-lines, (not) during the National Anthem is a misnomer. He’s also a “former” player as well, (I wonder why). Did his actions infringe upon Atheist beliefs?

The entire Dallas Cowboys team knelt down before the National Anthem this past Monday night in Arizona, not in protest, but in “unity.”

In all, over 200+ NFL Players and their Teammates are locking arms and taking a knee in solidarity with their team mates, including one NFL owner. That’s Big!

Now Trump accuses NFL Owner that [they’re] kowtowing to the players because [they’re] “afraid” and “intimidated” by them…

What kind of Reverse-Psychology B.S. is that?
Oh, I get it; [they] dare to defy Trump’s order to “Fire ‘em” for disrespecting the Flag…

But this isn’t about the Flag or the National Anthem… It’s about bringing National attention to the atrocities of Mass Murder.

Over 800 Murders have taken place this year alone and yet we’ve only heard about a hand-full.

I say, it’s “Censorship Control” because Mainstream Media really doesn’t want White sympathy for Black suffering — It defeats (their) purpose for keeping the divide, to put things “back in order” after having a Black President…
(Do you have a better idea)?

The real issue here is — it’s all about “Regulating” peaceful protests… I don’t want to see/hear it, ‘la, la, la, la, la, blah, blah, and blah, blah.’
“Do as I say, not as I do!”

This country is divided enough, and now that Racism is back in Style, its okay to exercise Racist Free Speech, but it’s Not okay for Black folks to silently protest? Still goes to show that we still live in two Americas 50-years later.

I was shocked and saddened after Charlottesville, VA that Trump had the audacity to blame “both sides,” when only one side committed vehicular murder and injured 21 others. It is the equivalent of saying (our) demonstration against a monument of a Slave Owner was totally “unjustified.”

Instead of prior White generations being Disgusted and Appalled about their ancestors legacy(ies) in the form of symbols such as the Confederate Flag and Statues flooded across our nation (besides Robert E. Lee), shouldn’t they feel some sort of dis-honor by Memorializing these relics based upon their symbolisms?

We now have an elected official in the highest office of the land who practically endorsed (but did Not condemn) the KKK and White Nationalists for their actions!

Thursday night’s Media sensationalized a Bar in Staten Island, NY that “turned off” NFL Games in protest against kneeling. That means, they’re agreeing with Trump’s view that kneeling disrespects the FLAG!

Once again, this is NOT about “Disrespecting” the Flag!
— It is a constitutionally protected right under the 1st Amendment “Freedom of Expression”

Well, not if you’re Black!

Final Thought:
Patrons, who burnt their Football paraphernalia, season tickets, etc., are just as dumb as the President they elected who continues to insist kneeling is disrespectful. This, coming from a man who “twice” forgot to put his hand over his heart during the Anthem, and dodged the Draft due to Heel Spurs, but was an avid Basketball player… Still, Trump can do NO Wrong!

— — — — — -

Author of “Red-White-AND-Poor,” How Outsourcing Racially Divided America. Available for Digital Download and

Left-Handed Leftist with idealistic views. I see the world the way it truly is, without rose-colored glasses, and media disinformation. Read between the lines.

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