Latino Dreamers vs. the attack of the Small-Minded POTUS!

So #45 wants to rescind DACA-Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and the “Dreamers Act.”

At the same time he wants to INCREASE Immigrant Visa’s for “Degree” individuals, specifically for Technology-Based jobs! What does that do for all the American Citizens who currently have Technical, Keyboarding, Coding and Programming skills?

It creates unnecessary competition with foreigners, and drives down livable wages!

Donald J. Trump is a small-minded man, Hell-bent on destroying any, and everything that has Obama’s name attached to it… To undo everything the man before him touched… To “Destroy the Black Man’s Legacy,” and to marginalize BOs success in every way imaginable!

So Trump wants to build a wall — as if Mexico is the greatest threat to U.S. National Security since the cold war, when Corporate Outsourcing is the greatest threat to our future economic stability as a nation. Besides, we already have a fence and border-patrol so this is a waste of taxpayer money!

The United States has bigger issues than DACA. When you consider Obamacare, the EPA and Trump promising coal miners they’ll get their jobs back, he never considered that long-term exposure to coal causes Black Lung, a disease that has killed more than 75,000 people. Yet, his focus is so small, he can’t see beyond anything the “Internet” hasn’t told him that is BAD. Trump readily admits he gets his (facts) from the Internet!

Case in point of a Small-Mind:

Only a small-minded man would talk about the size of their hands to refer to their Ego.
Only a small-minded man would talk about Minorities as if we’re stealing something from them.
Only a small-minded man would talk about repealing Obamacare when it is proven that preventative care costs “less” than catastrophic illness.
Only a small-minded man would talk about banning trans-gender military personnel, simply because of the cost associated with sex-reassignment surgery — A mere $8-Million/year of our $3.5-Trillion budget!
Only a small-minded man would refuse to let Syrian refugees into our country — Violating our own constitution, as well as the words on the Statute of Liberty plaque!

This small-minded man also cut funding to the (ARC) Appalachian Regional Commissions’ budget, a program with increased funding by Obama to re-train coal-miners as Computer Coders and Programmers who’ve lost coal mining jobs, and, how to make Solar Panels as an alternative energy source.

This small-minded man also cut funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting — No more Sesame Street for PBS and other independent television stations who rely on donations from viewers like you.

This small-minded man also cut funding to the National Endowment for the Arts, which also cuts funding to public schools that provide Art supplies and Musical instruments, not to mention decreased funding for public Museums and Libraries.

This small-minded man wants to cut funding to the EPA — our Environmental Protection Agency. The agency that monitors pollution emissions, as well as our drinking water to determine if it’s safe to drink.

This small-minded man insists that we “cut” taxes for the Rich without a care about our Deficit, or vital services affected that protect the poor and elderly.

This small-minded man insists he’ll “Make America Great Again,” wearing Trump clothing Made in China!

This small-minded man hasn’t got a clue on how to govern, even if he paid for it!

So, why the sudden attack on DACA?
Because Donald J. Trump is a small-minded man!

The cost alone of deporting 800,000 (a little under one-million) “Dreamers” will effectively cost our taxpayers upwards of $20 Million. Ask yourself, ‘is it worth the taxpayer expense?’

It is a Penny-wise/Dollar-foolish assumption to believe those immigrants specifically from Mexico and other Latino countries take jobs from Americans when the opposite is true. They do the jobs nobody else wants, even for lesser wages. As a non-U.S. Citizen there is no law protecting the Migrant Worker that picks our fruits and vegetables, earning just $4/Hour, instead of our prevailing Legal Minimum Wage!

Those “Dreamers” who are recipients of DACA under the Obama Administration are working towards their goals of a better future through education and hard work — Something Trump knows absolutely nothing about!

“…We’re going to be compassionate… We’re going to insist Congress ‘Does its Job’ and do this as humanely as possible…”

There is absolutely Nothing Humane about thrusting young people back into a war-torn, drug-infested land of Poverty that parents risked everything for.

Many DACA students that are ready to graduate High School and/or College, once looking forward to a better life, now have to live in fear of deportation; to have their dreams crushed and shattered… It’s not only heartless — it’s downright cruel!

Trump purposely attacks the weak, minority, and the poor, appealing to the under-belly of an ugly beast that has been buried deep within the recesses of Confederates; only to be granted permission to be openly racist as we witness targeted-racism reborn in the 21st Century through the hatred Trump endorses, and blames “both sides” when nobody on the Left murdered anyone on the Right, as recently witnessed in Charlottesville, VA.

I wonder how people in those Rust-Belt States feel since they voted for Trump, only to see him renege on his promise to make [them] Great Again?

A: You’ve been Trumped!

You are entitled to your own opinion,
but you are Not entitled to your own facts
.” — Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Unfortunately, “Alternative Facts” are Fantasy!

Left-Handed Leftist with idealistic views. I see the world the way it truly is, without rose-colored glasses, and media disinformation. Read between the lines.

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