Oh, how I’ve missed Medium…

Like many Americans, the inconvenience of “Chaotic Chaos” interrupts our day-to-day lives as the inevitability of disarray ensues.

Once upon a time in America, you grew up, knocked on the door of XYZ company, got the job, and kept it until you retired after 45+ years of service. All that changed around 1973–74 when our U.S. Government announced the dollar-deregulation of the Gold Standard that would no longer back our Fiat Currency; and hyper-inflation decimated the paycheck-to-survival ratio for all working-class Americans. Life has never been the same.

Corporate America abandoned ship for cheaper labor overseas!

Outsourcing isn’t anything new. But as more and more of our goods and services are made overseas, the speedy by-product of Recessions and Economic Downturns seem to happen with amazing frequency these days.

Job security has been replaced with job-insecurity and instability… Americans are angry — And rightfully so. The quality of life lived by our forefathers is actually better than any life we could ever hope to achieve.

The recessions of the 1970s, Reagan’s 1983 cutbacks, the 1987 Stock Market Bond Crash, the 1991 plain Economic Recession slow-down, and 9/ 11-2001 stock-market Dot.com near-fatal blow, were all normal processions from which we’ve always rebounded — Until 2008!

Imagine working your entire life, faithfully making 27-years-worth of mortgage payments, with only three-years left only to lose your Job AND your Home to Foreclosure!?

Who do you blame for that?

While Washington bailed out the Big Banks, they did little to enforce TARP federal refinancing laws for those subprime mortgages that put Americas homes under water.

Occupy Wall Street (Name Your City Here) sprung up across the nation, placing blame (and rightfully so) on Corporations and Banks who abused the power of the pen, continuing to enrich themselves, while our elected officials said idly by…

Student-loan debt is the highest monthly bill you will pay after rent, which leaves the next generation little to NO chance of becoming a homeowner. The Rent is Too Damn High, thwarting almost any chance of building a nest-egg savings account for the future.

And you want to know “why” Everyone’s Angry???

If you’ve been fortunate enough to keep on the straight-and-narrow path of walking down the Yellow-Brick-Road of life, and your path doesn’t diverge into “Chaos,” consider yourself lucky — Even Blessed.

The rest of us believe we have a sense of control over our lives — Until we lose control. It becomes a very humbling experience, reminding us that any job is only what you “do,” it’s Not who you “are.”

If you’re fortunate enough to have a stable, secure job, then you have a stable income, along with a predictable routine, which gives you a sense of security. Now, throw a monkey-wrench in that routine and watch how “chaos” descend upon your life…

A job-loss can lead to a loss of control, and long term job-loss, can lead to a chaos that will become increasingly difficult to crawl out from under… The illusion of control, vs. losing all control, is the difference between a Precipice in the Road of Life and Abject Poverty!

It’s the difference between having assets (even credit cards), vs. No Credit at all.
It’s the difference between having resources (i.e., a bank account), vs. No account because of bad credit.
It’s the difference between paying the rent, and Not being able to because defaulting on a Student Loan will ruin whatever credit you Do have.
It’s the difference between having a stable home of your own and homelessness through No fault of your own

A Job makes all the difference!

Left-Handed Leftist with idealistic views. I see the world the way it truly is, without rose-colored glasses, and media disinformation. Read between the lines.

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