It is that (uncomfortable) conversation that needs to be had. There is also an unquestionable fear of Blacks as violent thugs, out to commit crime and mayhem, which is the same stereotype Trump uses to justify building a border wall.

Do you remember when an officer shot (but didn’t kill) an unarmed Black man who was trying to help a mentally unstable patient? He asked the officer, “Why did you shoot me,” to which the officer responded, “I don’t know…”

And I believe him! The officer honestly does (Not) know why, but I suspect it has more to do with the negative depiction of Brown people through the Media than anything else.

If society were to ask “why” they subconsciously practice (Bigotry/Hatred/Racism), they just might come to terms with another uncomfortable feeling, “Empathy.”

Left-Handed Leftist with idealistic views. I see the world the way it truly is, without rose-colored glasses, and media disinformation. Read between the lines.

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